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We now have our 1st sponsor. I Love A Hanger, is helping by looking after a new bit of kit.

Running Shoe, Highbacks and Low, Puffer Jackets, Hoodies, and Duffle Bags with out Brand and Company logos on certain items.

Have a look and please buy and help us to raise the funds for this amazing project.

Wouldn't it be cool to see and hear an Actual Avro Arrow in the air once again.

Thank you for your time and support


Mr. Stephen D James

Arrow206/ Project206

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Arrow206 is a small company, that will be working in the aviation and education sector to develop a plan and a program for the sole purpose of bringing back a Canadian aviation legend.

Arrow206 is not trying to emulate the company of A.V. Roe, but to bring back one of the aircraft built by A.V Roe, and from authentic original A.V. Roe blueprints. By doing so, Arrow206 then becomes an entity on its own and becomes the builder of an original aircraft of the 1950s, not a model. This effectively describes Arrow206, as a company building an Actual Replica Avro Arrow aircraft.

The Avro Arrow of choice, identification number RL206, was 98% built-in 1959. Some say, she was within a week of taxi tests, and eventual test flights. She was the next generation or Generation ii, Avro Arrow aircraft of the A.V. Roe fleet at that time. RL206 sat behind the big hanger doors, awaiting life for an airplane.

The cancellation date of February 20th, 1959, put an end to the life of an airplane. Something that Arrow206 wants to resurrect. Placing this bird up where birds belong, flying.

Our motto is “Let’s Bring her back”. Can you help? I hope you can. Please join us as we bring back The Avro Arrow aircraft. Thank you.

Stephen D James

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First off I would like to welcome everyone to Arrow206. Arrow206 covers 2 projects , the main project Project rebirth and The Arrow Experience which I will say more about later on in this article. This was started in 2018 by Stephen D James, with Joe Brazeau coming on as VP of Operations shortly after that. Joe asked me if I wanted to be apart of this not long after he came on board. All the members of the team have a vital skill set and knowledge base that compliments each other. Other members of the team are Shaun Grimes, Don Kurtz, Mike Kovosi, Mark Pasternack, Gerald Jan Roy Allen and Robert Essex.

The Main Goal is to build a Flying Replica Mk2 Avro Arrow in full scale and as close as we can to the original. That is Project Rebirth. Its not going to be easy but it is very doable and it is very much worth it! As for project Experience which is about having an experience of sitting in a Cockpit Mock-up of the Mk 2 Arrow.

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