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Meet the team

Arrow206 is home to a diverse group of people all working forward to a common goal, bringing a piece of history back to life for all to enjoy. We would like to welcome you all, and use this page as a way for you to get to know who we are.


The members of the Executive Group:

Stephen D. James:

My name is Stephen D James. I am the Founder/Owner/President of the company "Arrow206". I am a trucker by trade for over 40 years. I bring to this project the opportunity to find people with the same interests in Rebuilding a Canadian Aviation Legend. And together, WE are working to bring an "Avro Arrow" aircraft back into existence and our lives.

Shaun Grimes:

My name is Shaun Grimes, I am apart of the Research and Developmental team and Lead Aircraft mechanic for Arrow206 and Project206. I am a licensed AME with over 16 years experience on aircraft. I am currently working on research projects and helping with marketing for the groups. Also my Grandfather had a hand in building both the CF-100 and CF-105 Aircraft!

Joe Brazeau:

My name is Joe Brazeau, I am VP of Arrow206, Project206 project. I am a retired AME “E” avionics engineer with 40 years of on aircraft experience. I am currently involved with helping make the artwork for our project(s), and Lead Avionics designer for both groups.

Robert Essex:

I am retired and one of the advisors!

Don Kurtz:

59 years old born and razed in Brampton currently living in Loring Ont 30 years in landscaping and property maintenance - my Mother and Grandfather on moms side worked for Avro my current roll in our project is marking research

Mike Kovosi:

I'm an AME, and have been working primarily on medivac B350, as well as B1900C/D for over 10 years. Before this I was working with a group rebuilding a DH-98 Mosquito from the ground up. Ultimately this is what moved my path into aircraft maintenance. Sadly I had to part ways with that project when I moved to BC. I am thankful to be a part of this new project however, and look forward to seeing it's future as we move forward.

Philippe Cyr:

I am the Arrow206/Project206 Historian and researcher and worked in the Aviation industry for a few year in the Maintenance department! I am involved in the Marketing and Media area's along with writing the newsletter!

Mark Pasternak:

53 from Oshawa, member, ground crew. Occupation construction worker.

Gerald Jan Roy Allen:

I am a licensed self-employed AME by trade.

David Laneville:

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, retired Civil Servant, Ringette Coach, Photographer .... I spent 34 years in a municipal I/T department and have served on many volunteer boards over the past 40 years. I am looking forward to serving as the Treasurer for Arrow206 and realizing the dream of seeing this awesome aircraft take to the skies.

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