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Our $100.00 Plan

Hello Avro Arrow Fans,

We have a plan which to us is very cool.

The $100.00 plan. What this plan does is allows you and or your family, the opportunity to join us in person to help build the Avro Arrow aircraft in person.

All you would need to do, is get to our Hanger when we are at the point of our build.

For Now, we know that we can still be a time away of the build. In the meantime, once you purchase this plan, even today, we will keep a record of that purchase. You will also receive by email a receipt of your purchase and will have a number.

It is that number you keep and wee keep, until the day you come up for a visit and time to help us.

All this means is that there is No Time Limit for this to end while we achieve the time to build.

It is when you come over to the Hanger and you hand the receipt over and the number is checked off and then the build permission for you and or your family is signed off and you will then be allowed to help us with a certified member.

Once you purchase this $100.00 plan, it is only done once at that cost.

This also then drops to the $50.00 per year plan and your Permission to Build, remains until you come up to the Hanger and sign off.

Terms and Conditions will apply, and the $100.00 plan will terminate once you sign off at the build location.

It is never renewed.

If you wish to do it again, only after you sign off by having helped us with the build, is it bought once again.

Have a hands on experience in building the most iconic legendary aircraft since the Silver Dart.

Thank you and hope to see you at The Hanger one day.

This plan program is available now.

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