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 This is Our First Run and is a Limited Edition American Style Dog-Tag. Each items comes with 30" ball chain and Edge Protector.

Limited Edition Project206 American Style Dog-Tag- Matt

SKU: 000001
  • Arrow206 take Great Pride and Care to ensure the product leaves our establichment on Excellent Order. Upon arrival in your care, Arrow206 asks that you take the time to examine the product now in your care. Look for damages caused by intransit operations and care.  When you have removed from the bag provided, we highly recommend that you place the Edge Protector "ON" and the chain placed and "Locked" and is in good order "Before" placing on your person. 

  • Upon removal from the pouches, we ask that you place on the Edge Protection.

    Without the Edge Protection ON, the edges can remove the image or severely damage the image.

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